Either my husband owns these things, or I’m getting them for him this year. Check out this list full of things I see him use all the time, along with a couple of others from his wishlist. Pick out a few goods for your husband, dad, and father-in-law too!

First up, custom art from the market.

Dog dads deserve something special too! When I gave my husband some pet art of his childhood dog, he stared at it for a long time before he looked up at me with the most genuine smile followed by a big hug.

Does your husband have a place that’s special to him? Whether it’s a field, house, or destination in between, having me turn a photo into scene art makes it even more special.

Check out these other ideas I put together for you. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there who care. 🖤

  1. birkenstock slides // my husband specifically asked for these
  2. torch lighters // the “Tim the Tool Man Taylor” version of basic lighters
  3. fire column // easy to turn on and off plus hair/clothes don’t reek like smoke after
  4. salt gun // this is just fun
  5. patagonia hat
  6. waterproof bluetooth speaker // this goes everywhere with my husband– the lakes, golf course, yard work, etc.
  7. case for waterproof bluetooth speaker // if you get the speaker, this is a must have for bringing it around
  8. digital meat thermometer // indoor + outdoor safe; can be used in oven, grill, and smoker
  9. sunglasses
  10. airpods // if your husband doesn’t have these yet, he needs them
  11. airpods case cover + cleaning kit
  12. hair pomade // this is what my husband uses and also what I use on my boys’ hair; it smells soooo good

This post contains affiliate links. All price points are the same for you, but I may receive a small commission.

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