I’m Kelsey, the stay-at-home-working-mom of Pretty Paper and Company and your expert designer and dedicated curator.

About fifteen years ago while studying English Lit, I took a typography class for fun. That’s when I stuck writing in my back pocket and joined the design world.

infographic I designed during my university days // circa 2008

Once I was a marketing manager and worked with eye doctors across the country, helping them brand and promote their private practices.

Then I taught design courses to juniors and seniors at a local university that just so happened to be my alma mater.

assignment for my students to help me get to know them

These days, I’m a wife, mom of two boys, and owner of this pretty little design market that I have been pouring my heart for over a decade.

Pretty Paper and Company is my corner of the creative world where I design and find pretty things for you, your home, and your business.

I work with ambitious woman who put their heart into what they do and help them create elevated brands that they can be proud of.

I also make thoughtful, original art + refined paper goods– putting my own mark on every holiday, every season, every stage of children and life, then sharing it with you.

I’m not afraid to be extra. Sometimes the things I make or do are unnecessary, but they’re always fun, thoughtful, and usually pretty easy.

When I’m not designing for you, I’m collecting unique and charming goods, both vintage and found.

I hope to inspire you to be creative and surround yourself with things you love; to fill your home with personality and meaning as you make precious memories that in the moment, you may not even know are happening.

Around here, there’s lots of
• art, projects, and creativity
• ways to make your life easier
• ways to make your life extra
• mom hacks
intentional branding for women
meaningful art and refined goods by yours truly
• treasures from the thrift
my faves on LTK
my faves on Amazon
• thoughtfulness
• humor
• book summaries and recs
• Diet Coke, Boom Chicka Pop, cheeseburgers, and cookies

Thanks for being here with me. Let’s laugh and make pretty things.

With love from South Dakota! Kelsey

PS: Lots of fun and pretty things over on instagram, come over!


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